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How and Where to Save on Back-to-School Clothes

Back-to-school time is one of those special times of the year when parents have to reach into their wallets and spend money. Sending a child to a school that wears uniforms is one way a family can save money. When such is not possible, then the parents have to find creative methods of frugality. The following are some tips on saving money on back-to-school clothing.

Visit High-End Thrift Shops

Thrift shops can be gold mines for back-to-school shoppers. Parents often donate their children’s clothing to such shops when they grow out of them. Therefore, a frugal shopper can find well-conditioned brand name clothing from the previous season for his or her kids. Thrift shops sometimes contain brand new items that still have the price tags on them, as well. Some thrift shops are ritzier than other thrift shops are. The key is to visit several local thrift shops and find out which ones have the classiest lines of clothing.

Shop for Bundles Online

Parents who do not mind purchasing bulk used clothing can find a smorgasbord of clothing online in places such as eBay and Auction sites are unpredictable, and they can sometimes save frugal parents a ton of money. For example, a parent can grab a large bundle of school clothing on eBay for $.99 if no one else bids on it. So many people are selling clothes on the site that getting an unbelievable deal on school clothing is highly possible.

Wait for Holiday Sales

The best time to shop for back-to-school clothing is a month before the school year starts. However, parents who do not quite have the funds at that time can take advantage of huge sales that occur after the school year starts. Labor Day sales usually start the weekend before the holiday. Parents can take advantage of those sales and grab their children wardrobes that can last the entire year.

Use Coupons and Promo Codes

Clothing store coupons and promo codes are always available online. A shopper can find them in the weekly newspaper circulars or on the retailers’ websites. Another way parents can find coupons and promo codes is by conducting online searches for them. Many third-party sites have coupons that people can print from home. Shoppers who checkout online can use promotional codes to receive their discounts.

Back-to-school shopping does not have to be stressful. Even single parents who have limited resources can find huge savings.

Creative Ways to Save for any Household

Some families have little faith in their ability to save money. They may think that because times are tough, they cannot possibly set aside enough money to create a significant savings account. Several creative ways to save money exist, however. The following are a few tips on materializing money for a savings account.

Feed Pennies to a Piggy Bank

Many consumers take the almighty penny for granted. Some of them disregard pennies because of their bland color, while others take them for granted because they are only worth one cent. A consumer who truly wants to save money can place those copper collectibles in a destination that is much more valuable than a trashcan is. A piggy bank is the perfect place for the change one receives during trips to the local store. Banks have coin-counting machines that can convert pennies into paper cash. A family can collect as much as $20 per week just on pennies alone.

The House Rule Method

A debtor can use a set of house rules to save money. For example, the person can take an empty tissue box and label it “broken rules.” Every time someone in the house breaks a rule, that person can place $1 in the broken rules box. Broken house rules could consist of using profanity, coming home late, telling lies, failing to complete house chores, or earning poor grades in school. When the tissue box starts to overflow, the family will have a bundle of money to place in a savings account. The house rule method is creative, and it can help to improve the behavior of everyone in the home.

Random Scavenger Hunts

Money can end up in the most unlikely places. One way a family could gather funds for a savings account is by going on weekly scavenger hunts. Scavenger hunts can start inside the house and expand to local grocery stores, convenience stores, Laundromats and the like. The amount of scavenging a family does depends on the urgency to create savings. Most people can find change under couch pillows, underneath the beds, inside the laundry, underneath vehicle seats, and in between vehicle seats. Public change treasures sometimes hide inside of retro-styled phone booths, laundry room change machines, candy machines and more. The change from scavenger hunts can quickly turn into positive dollars.

Saving money is possible even for families that are in the worst conditions. The members just have to have faith and remain aware of their surroundings.

How to Save on Household Necessities

Expenses for household necessities such as cleaning agents, toiletries, linens, dishware, and device supplements can rack up quickly, especially when a consumer is moving into a new residence. The following are a few tips for purchasing the things that one needs to maintain cleanliness and order inside the home:

Dollar Store Shopping

The best commercial chains to visit for household necessities are dollar stores. Several chains such as Dollar General and Dollar Tree provide inexpensive household items for consumers across the nation. A frugal shopper can find items such as bed linens, dishes, cleaning agents, beauty products, toilet paper, paper towels, candles and more. Many dollar stores only charge one dollar for their products. Discount stores such as Family Dollar have slightly higher prices, but they can still save the consumer a great deal of money on household basics.

Flea Markets and Yard Sales

Flea markets and yard sales can be great places to find just about anything that a home needs. Some vendors offer amazing prices on new items, while other vendors sell used household goods. A consumer can always clean and sanitize new items such as silverware and dishes. He or she can also find a wealth of bleaches, dishwashing detergents, perfumes, shampoos and the like in new condition. Used items such as chairs, tables, trinkets and linens are also available at these sites. Additionally, a shopper can find a multitude of paintings and other wall items that can spruce up a new home.

Online Wholesale Stores

A shopper who has a large sum of money to work with can try purchasing his or her goods from an online wholesale vendor. Such vendors offer household items for an extremely reasonable wholesale price. A few of the items that one might find at an online wholesale site are items such as bedding sets, cushion covers, kitchen knives, dishes and other household goods.

Auction Sites and Classified Ads

EBay is a reliable online source for finding many household necessities. A consumer can receive enormous savings by bidding on interesting items for the home. If no one else is interested in the seller’s lot of goods, then the consumer can obtain them at an amazing price. Craigslist is another option for finding household goods. People who are moving usually place ads on Craigslist for such items. Additionally, some homeowners offer their items in the “free” section.

Frugal household shopping is a practice that can help a person to quickly accumulate everything he or she needs for comfortable living.

The Benefits of Online Shopping

Almost every physical shopping institution has a complementary online shopping website that consumer can use. Many benefits are available to shoppers who have the patience to wait for shipping. The following are five benefits of shopping online:


The largest benefit of purchasing items online is convenience. Shoppers can take their time browsing through online inventories instead of being rushed by security personnel or edgy customers. Additionally, they can conduct comparisons and read reviews of items they desire before they make a purchase. Furthermore, shopping online can save consumers time and money. They can avoid putting gas in the family vehicle and waiting in line to ring out their purchases.

Larger Inventories

Online vendors store their items across several locations. Therefore, an online website has access to a larger inventory of items. Shoppers most likely will never come across an “out of stock” situation unless they are shopping for a high-demand item such as a PlayStation 4 the night before Christmas. Additionally, online sites will have some items that a person cannot find at a physical location. Shoppers can find online clearance items and hidden treasures in special sections on the website.

Special Discounts

Online shops often offer consumers special discounts that they cannot receive in physical locations. Sometimes, shoppers can receive free shipping for purchases over a certain amount. With free shipping, the only inconvenience with an online experience is the wait for shipping. Online vendors often combat that waiting period by offering their customers free express or expedited shipping.

Gift Sending

Sending gifts during the holiday season is a pleasure with online shopping. Modern online shops provide services such as gift-wrapping and same-day delivery. Online shipping is highly convenient for people who want to send gifts for anniversaries, holidays, birthdays and special days such as Valentine’s Day.


Online shopping gives people the opportunity to exercise discretion with their purchases. Consumers who want to purchase adult items privately can do such at an online adult store. They can save themselves the embarrassment of running into someone from the neighborhood as they browse the latest “toys” at the local adult bookstore.

Online shopping is quickly become the preferred shopping method over mingling with crowds and waiting in line. A person who is new to computers can quickly learn the art of online shopping with the help of a friend or an online tutorial.