Why I Love My Kohl’s Card So Much

For most of our married life, my husband and I have stayed credit card free. We pay cash for what we need and if we don’t have the cash, we don’t need the item. In certain cases that has worked against us, like when the refrigerator decided to die right after Christmas, but for the most part we have enjoyed living without them. That all changed when we made the move to the big state of Texas and I discovered my beloved Kohl’s!

Believe it or not, we didn’t have this amazing store where I grew up and discovering it was almost dangerous for me. Their sales made once pricey clothes affordable and their clearance merchandise was always in abundance. I came to realize however that those around me were getting better deals than me and I had to understand why! That’s when I took the plunge for the Kohl’s credit card. In order to get special discounts throughout the year and special sales, the Kohl’s credit card was a necessity, annoying but true.

There is something to be said about having it however because not soon after I got it, I was able to purchase a $60.00 pair Nikes for just $14.00. The shoes were on sale for 50% off, making them 29.99. I had a 20% off coupon saving me $5.99, and then I used my $10.00 Kohl’s Cash. Before tax, these babies were just $14.00! I swiped my handy dandy card and then went right over to the customer service desk and paid the exact amount to my Kohl’s card. No interest accrued and a fabulous price on an awesome pair of shoes! I’d say that card was worth it!

Savings On Honey Nut Cheerios

Ideally the best way to save with coupons is to hang on to a clipped coupon until the item it is for is on sale. Once on sale, use the coupon, and create a stockpile of the item while it is on sale so that you save even more later by not having to pay full price again. However, this isn’t always the most convenient thing to do when you need something now. In this case, I always get online and check the local ads to see if someone has it one sale so I can use the coupon I have to save now. A prime example for me is when we run out of cereal.

With three growing teenage boys, a regular sized box of cereal can literally be gone in one sitting, especially true here when that cereal is Honey Nut Cheerios. One day we were extremely low on our favorite breakfast morsels so I took to the ads to see what was out there. Harris Teeter was having a deal on General Mills Cereal, buy three for $10.00, and it was one of those crazy weeks in which they double your dollar coupons. I had three coupons that were save $1.00 on three boxes.

A quick trip up to the store and I returned with nine boxes of our beloved Honey Nut Cheerios and paid a total of $24. This made each box of cereal roughly $2.66. Could I have done better, possibly, but we had an immediate need for cereal. When looking at it from that perspective, I did fairly well. I priced the same boxes at Food Lion that week and they were almost $4.00 a box. Their price made my savings feel even better!

Shopping With Coupons – And The Store Owes You In The End!

There is just something fun about getting paid to shop, or better yet, when the store actually pays you to take something home with you.
I found this out for myself during my latest shopping excursion at our local grocery store. I headed in with my list in one hand and my crazy coupon organizer in the other. I slowly perused each aisle, double-checking my savings every step of the way. That is when the sale on Dawn dishwashing soap caught my eye.

Before I had gone into the store, I had meticulously thumbed through every coupon I had to ensure that I was getting the best deals possible. I had even gone online to the store’s flyer to be certain I wasn’t missing a thing. It was when I was thumbing through that I recalled seeing a coupon for that Dawn dishwashing soap that now called me from across the aisle. I hadn’t pulled the coupon because it wasn’t’ listed on sale. However, here it was, calling me! The soap was now on sale for a mere 97 cents, and a quick jog through my coupon book gave light to several coupons for 50 cents off one bottle of Dawn.

Now, this particular store doubles your coupons every day. This meant that the 50-cent off coupon was now $1.00 off, and the bottles of Dawn were 97 cents each. That meant that they were literally paying me
3-cents each to take them home! Needless to say, I felt like one of those crazy coupon people you see on TV. I had eight coupons, and you know I loaded up eight bottles of that soap! Who passes that kind of deal up?!

Free Birthday Meals – Save And Eat!

My hubby and I have been married now almost nineteen years. It’s amazing to realize that I have known him almost half of my lifetime. In order to keep our marriage strong, we make it our goal to have a date night at least every two weeks, and at the very least once a month. Now, when the kids were little, we spent many a date nights eating cheap takeout and watching a rented movie because a sitter for four kids would literally take any date money we had to begin with. Now that the kids are a bit older, we can actually go on a date outside the house, but we still pinch our pennies when we do. That’s why I do love the places that bless you with a free meal for your birthday!

A free meal for my birthday or his means that two dates a year are guaranteed to cost us less, and maybe even allow us to spend the savings on a real movie. Recently we joined the email club for one of my hubby’s favorite spots, Red Robin. The month of his birthday arrived and he was awarded a free burger as their gift to him. That’s a date night savings of around $11.00. You didn’t have to use the coupon ON his birthday either, but instead he had the whole month to get the opportunity to go get his birthday burger. That let us decide when we would have our date night without having to actually go on his big day. Needless to say, it was super yummy, and we did indeed splurge our savings to watch a movie in a real theatre after all!

A Bounty Of A Deal

With a family of six, four of them being teenagers, we tend to go through plenty of paper towels and toilet paper so it’s always on the top of my list when I shop for sales. My day was made this week when I hit our local grocery store and they had single rolls of Bounty paper towels on sale for two for a dollar. I had stocked up on a few coupons for Bounty that literally were due to expire that very day. The week prior my fellow couponing buddy had dropped off a huge stack of unused coupons that she had already gone through. In that lovely stack were several coupons for Bounty. Who knew I was going to get so lucky!

Now, one thing you need to know is that Bounty isn’t usually a paper towel that I purchase, unless of course it is on sale. They are my favorite indeed, but their purchase price isn’t. This particular day was during double coupon week and I had a “Save 25 cents on one”. This translated to save 50 cents on one when doubled. I had seven coupons for these lovely paper towels. When it was all said and done, I had scored fourteen rolls of my beloved Bounty paper towels for a mere $3.50. Needless to say this of course alerted the manager, who had nothing he could say because they had no policy in place about how many of the same kind of coupons you could use in one transaction. I am sure he thought about that as I exited the store with my “bounty”!

Stellar Savings At Bath And Body Works

As the holidays approach, the deals begin to come out of the woodwork to persuade buyers to hit the stores and fill up their bags. A favorite hot spot for my daughter and I is our beloved Bath & Body Works. Personally, the two of us love their variety of body sprays, candles, hand soaps, and plug-ins, and we look forward to great sales events to stock up. Because we are what you might call “frequent flyers” we are blessed to receive multiple coupons in the mail and through email. This year, as we began our holiday shopping, we dug out every coupon we had to creatively find the best deals possible at our favorite store.

As we hit our local Bath & Body Works the deal was to purchase three of their signature products and then you would get three free. This was fabulous news to us, so we whipped out our coupons to see what deals we could make. Our biggest coupon was to save $10 off of a $30 purchase. Our goal became to find three signature products that added up as closely to the $30 as possible, and we did it! We located three body washes that were $11 each, which came to a total of $33. We then went and got three more of the washes free to get with our coupon. We walked out with a total of six body washes for less than $25! We then put the lotions in sets of two, and for less than $8.50 per set we had three Christmas gifts! Just can’t beat that kind of a deal!

Creative Couponing At Steak and Shake

Now that our kids are teenagers, going out to dinner can seriously cost us an arm and a leg. In order to be able to afford this luxury once in a while, we have had to come up with some pretty creative ways to save. A favorite spot for our family on a Sunday afternoon after church is our local Steak & Shake. The meals are decent, the $4.00 meal prices can’t be beat, and we often find coupons in the Sunday paper or in the mail flyers that are delivered to the house. What we realized is that if we combine some coupons, we cannot only afford to eat there, but it’s often cheaper than if we were to buy food to make lunch at home.

Our teenagers are old enough now that several of them have checking accounts of their own. Because of this, we utilize them in our evil plot to save money in eating out at Steak & Shake. There are six of us in our family, making buy-one-get-one coupons a hot commodity. We divide ourselves into three separate checks when we order, each using a buy-one-get-one coupon. This allows us to order for six, but ideally only pay for three. If we all vote to drink water, we can get out the door with a tab of less than $15.00 to $20.00. There’s just not much you can make your family of six at home these days for less than $15.00 that isn’t a hotdog or a grilled cheese sandwich.

In an economy facing some difficult times, our family gives kudos to businesses like Steak & Shake that still pack out the coupons so that we can enjoy a little family lunch date together. In this case, a little creative couponing can not only go a long way, but it can feed our family and keep us on our budget all at the same time.

Love Me Some Kohl’s At Christmas

Although the Christmas season is indeed my favorite time of the year, buying gifts for four teenagers can be very costly. Typically my husband and I set aside what we call a “line item” in our budget where we save up anticipating the cost of the holiday, but this year, our beloved “line items” was wiped clean with a purchase of a new engine and a completely new air conditioning system for our minivan. So, we decided that this year we would be as diligent as possible with the limited funds we did have to get the kids a few things for under the tree. This is why I was totally stoked about my recent trip to my favorite store, Kohl’s!

Gotta love some crazy Black Friday deals at Kohl’s! A few days before the big sale I was sent a special coupon for Kohl’s charge card holders that gave me 15% off, and with it was an impressive $10.00 gift card! I also received a $5.00 gift card from them the following day, and given another $5.00 gift card from my mom, as she wasn’t going to use it. My son had eyeballed a particularly expensive jacket a few days prior to the big sale day, and I headed back to snap it up.

As I entered the store, a woman approached me with a 30% off coupon that was expired, however, she told me that if I asked the manager, he would accept it. I was so excited! I popped into the store, spotted the last coat in his size, and headed to the register. The coat was originally priced $68.00 and was now on sale for $40.00. With the gift cards and the coupon that they did let me use, I scored the coat for less than $15.00! Now, that’s the kind of Christmas gift I can afford!

CVS Pharmacy And Extra Bucks

When our family relocated it was time to not only find a new home, but also a new pharmacy home as well. My son has serious asthma and my husband has Congestive Heart Failure, so a dependable pharmacy is on the top of my “to-do” list whenever we have to relocate. My brother worked at CVS at the time of our move and highly recommended shopping there due to their extracare rewards program. Over time, little by little I have received extrabucks from CVS that can be used as cash in their store for about anything outside of the pharmacy drugs themselves and a few other minor things.

Until recently, my largest extrabuck has been $5.00, so I decided to hang on to it until I came across just the right sale to use it. In the meantime, I was awarded a 50-cent extrabuck and then came a whopping $10.00 extrabuck! This totally made my day and I began perusing the ads to see what I could get the best deal on. It wasn’t long before I spotted a crazy pair of “as-seen-on-TV” puppy slippers on sale at CVS as well as a certain package of soap that we love at our house. So, I stopped in to see what kind of damage I could do with my extrabucks.

Sure enough, I was allowed to use all three extrabucks together on one purchase. I bought the soap for $5, a tube of toothpaste for $3, and the silly slippers for $20 and walked out spending less than $14 out of my pocket. That was less than the slippers to begin with. As if I wasn’t already a fan of my beloved CVS before, they are now stuck with me forever, and ever!

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